Our Team

Mission Statement

The University of Ottawa Mars Rover Team’s purpose is to provide a learning experience for students, to foster a spirit of teamwork and friendship, and to live a balanced and productive life. To work towards the common goal of good competition performance and to create a diverse and unified team.


Chassis & Suspension

The Chassis and Suspension team is responsible for designing and building the structural backbone and suspension system of our rover. This team must consider the rugged terrain and harsh conditions on Mars while creating a durable and flexible design that can withstand the stress of off-road driving. The Chassis and Suspension team must also take into account the weight and power constraints of a rover to optimize its mobility and efficiency.


The Electrical team is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the electrical systems of the rover. This team plays a critical role in ensuring that the Rover has a reliable source of power and can communicate effectively with Earth. They design and build the power distribution and management systems, including the batteries, solar panels, and charging systems. They also design and integrate the communication systems, including the antennas and radios, that allow the Rover to send and receive data and instructions from Earth.

Guidance Navigation & Control

The Navigation and Control team ensures the safe and efficient movement of the rover. This team is responsible for developing and implementing navigation strategies, as well as controlling the rover’s movements and instrument operations. They use advanced algorithms and mathematical models to calculate the rover’s position and orientation on the Martian surface, and to plan its route to its next destination. They also closely monitor the rover’s health and performance, and make real-time adjustments to keep it on track.

Life Detection

The Life Detection team is dedicated to finding evidence of past or present life on Mars. This team uses advanced instruments to gather and analyze data about the Martian environment. They search for signs of organic compounds, minerals, and other indicators that may indicate the presence of life on the Red Planet. This team also uses sophisticated laboratory techniques to process and analyze samples collected by the rover, looking for evidence of microbial life, or other bio-signatures.

Robotic Arm

The Robotic Arm team designs and operates the complex robotic arm on the rover. This team is responsible for ensuring the arm functions smoothly and accurately, and for developing and implementing new arm-based experiments and tools to explore the Martian environment. The robotic arm is equipped with cameras and a claw that allows the rover to inspect and gather data about the Martian surface and subsurface.

Business & Administration

The Business team is responsible for the financial and operational success of our organization. They work closely with the technical team to ensure that our operations are not only technically feasible but also financially viable. The business team is responsible for securing funding, developing marketing strategies, creating budgets and schedules, and managing the overall business operations of the organization.