This is uORover

This is uORover

About Us

uORover is student-led engineering design team at the University of Ottawa. From the beginning, our mission has been to build a Mars Rover that will be used in a simulated Martian environment. uORover provides opportunities to students with an interest in space Goals of uORover are to inspire students to design and brainstorm in a friendly and enthusiastic environment. uOttawa Mars Rover Team started in November 2018 by a group of students who were interested in space, robotics and wanted to get some hands-on experience. uORover comprises of the following sub-teams, each focused on designing and developing a core function of the Rover:

Chassis and Suspension

Custom Molded Wheels and Carbon Fiber Suspension

This sub-team is focused on the mechanical components of the rover, such as designing the chassis, motor drive system and electronics enclosures.

Life Detection

Collaboration With Mechanical and Life Science

This sub-team is focused on the development of a system that will collect and analyze samples in search for signs of life.

Robotic Arm

5 Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm

The goal is pretty self explanatory but also one of the most challenging; the building of a robotic arm requires hardware, software and electrical collaboration.

Remote Operation

Seamless Integration of the Rover's Software

This sub-team is focused on controlling the Rover during operation. For instance, this includes the software for manipulating the Rover and robotic arm remotely and autonomous traversal.

Step 5

Business and Administration

Managing a $18,000 USD per Annum Budget

This sub-team is focused on finances ($hmoney, sponsorships), outreach events, social media and logistics.

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